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TIS Press Release August 2015

Telematics / TIS:

New telematicboxes for long-distance transport

Pressemitteilung telematicbox Truck bei Speralux

Bocholt, August 30, 2015

The specialist in mobile telematics solutions TIS GmbH has developed new products, features and services for efficient and transparent fleet management - including an automated driving style evaluation and new robust telematics components for tractors, motor cars and trailers.

The heart of the new features is the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck 2 Premium, which was developed especially for long-distance traffic. The telematicbox Truck 2 Premium provides comprehensive telematics data for dispatching and fleet management. The robust hardware is equipped with a powerful GPS receiver and a separate SIM card. It can be installed across all manufacturers in all trucks and connected via the FMS interface to the CAN bus or via the info interface to the digital tachograph.

The info interface also sends data when the engine is not running and thus supplies the disposition at any time reliably with information on driving, working and rest periods that are automatically evaluated permanently by TISLOG office. So the dispatchers get information on driving and rest periods of all drivers to the minute. The working hours are automatically recorded and evaluated, which is basis for the documentation as part of the minimum wage law (MILog). Another new feature is the graphical representation of the available driving time on a timeline.

Very clear is the newly developed driver hit list. For this purpose, tachograph data speeds and flashy maneuvers are sent from the telematicbox Truck 2 Premium to the head office where the data is analyzed individually via TISLOG office for each driver or truck.

Another novelty on the basis of telematicbox Truck 2 Premium is the downtime report for the whole fleet. The report shows at a glance where and how long the vehicles have stopped in a defined period. This feature provides transparent arguments for customer talks about adequate demurrage.

Besides telematcibox Truck 2 Premium TIS has now announced the telematicbox Truck 2 Locate, a new telematics solution for trailer monitoring. The box has a particularly robust housing for mounting on trailers and from there reliably sends position data independently from the tractor position.

In May already TIS had completely restructured their product range. Under the name TISLOG Logistics & Mobility the mid-sized sized family business provides a modular solution kit for small, medium and large businesses.

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