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TIS Press Release August 2013


TIS at Post-Expo 2013: Photo telematics makes CEP industry more efficient

TIS auf der Post-Expo 2013: Foto-Telematik macht KEP-Branche effizienter

Bocholt, August 30, 2013

The TIS GmbH, specialized on mobile telematics systems, presents a wide range of innovative solutions for process optimization in the global courier-express-package industry at the international exhibition Post-Expo in Vienna from October 1 through October 3. Foundation is the mobile telematics system PSV3 with integrated solutions for the use of photography throughout the entire supply chain.

The variety of time and cost saving applications ranges from dimensioning over damage documentation to registration of swap trailers and related documents. Stimulus for these developments are specific customer requirements and the high quality of the cameras in modern mobile data terminals (MDT).
"Today even under adverse lighting conditions a good MDT provides uncompromising images," says TIS Managing Director Peter Giesekus. Photography in telematics offers entirely new opportunities for process optimization. For example the mobile capturing of the proof of delivery simplifies processing and expedites settlements. With the help of PSV3 the proof of delivery is available as a photo immediately after unloading, linked with the tracking number, for immediate accounting.

The module "Bulky Goods" enables seamless tracking of bulky items in incoming groupage freight. If a warehouse employee discovers an apparently bulky shipment, he simply starts a clearly defined process by simply scanning the shipment, during which a photo of the specific goods is created. In addition, dimensions and weight of the goods are determined and entered via the MDT keyboard. Background of this development is the increasing cost pressure in groupage freight: Very often bulky goods are not declared as such by the shipping carrier and as a consequence the corresponding freight charge is not included in invoicing by the cooperation partner.

The module "Damage Documentation" is used for simplified documentation of damages in incoming groupage freight. In case a damage is being detected during loading or unloading, the employee can start the documentation process just by pressing a button on the PSV3 data terminal. This automatically launches the "Terminal Process Capturing " - an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software developed by TIS. This software transforms the current display of the MDT with tracking number and damage code into machine-readable characters. The warehouse employee does not notice anything of this ingenious trick  - instead he gets precise information about the steps to perform on the large color display of the mobile data terminal. Also new for this module is the PSV3-based driver's license control. Here the camera is used to capture the driver's license picture, which can then be associated with date and GPS position.

The module "Weighing" is also an enormous time-saver: It enables communication of the MDT with modern scales, equipped with wireless technology. Via Bluetooth adapter from TIS or WLAN the measured weight is transmitted to the mobile terminal and assigned to the shipment.

The individual modules are integrated into the processes of the mobile telematics system PSV3. PSV3 accelerates and optimizes the data exchange between courier-express-package vehicles and headquarters. Among the special features of PSV3 are the easy installation of on-board computers, which do not need to be installed permanently and can also be supplied on request even as a vehicle independent case solution. PSV3 is continually being developed and adapted to the needs of customers in the logistics industry.

The Post-Expo is the international trade fair of the industry and is held every year at a different venue in Europe, or any other place in the world instead. The event is considered one of the most influential forums for the selection of suppliers for postal and parcel operators worldwide. The roughly 3,500 visitors from around the world have the opportunity to see and experience the innovations of the post and parcel industry. The spectrum ranges from automated solutions and retail services, up to delivery vehicles and telematics solutions. In 2013, the international conference and exhibition for technology, equipment, services and innovations in the postal sector is held for the 17th time already.

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