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TIS Newsletter September 2016

Infodesk, Zebra TC8000, Zebra MC95, TIS internal and news on TIS charity


September 13, 2016

Fall is coming and there are some news to report from us and our partners. For example, in this newsletter we will introduce our improved tree display, for even clearer presentation of information. We show you the Zebra TC8000, a device that really excites us - and say goodbye to old - and welcome new employees in our TIS team. Keep reading for more in this newsletter!

For the team of TIS
Josef Bielefeld / Peter Giesekus
– Managing Directors –

The topics of this issue

Infodesk: New, improved tree display

Treedarstellung-infodeskIn the latest version of Infodesk, users can configure and save custom views. This makes the Infodesk display much clearer for the individual user, because he now sees what is especially relevant to him.
The presentation of vehicles of several fleets in a fleet tree is one of the central components of Infodesk. Here the user has the ability to quickly retrieve information on individual models, select individual vehicles or entire fleets and perform complex functions such as scheduling operations or changes in vehicles in fleets with just a few clicks.
Because of the large number of displayable information in the ”Fleet Tree" there was still room for improvement of clarity. While previously the information selection over system settings was only possible simultaneously for all users, we have now created a custom user-configurable option in the latest version of Infodesk.
We have here resorted to the best practices of our table display. For example, in the order tables, you can also select the items to be displayed in the fleet tree, rearrange their order, and set the display width of each column.
These settings are saved as individual views and are then accessible via select boxes.

Three typical examples:

  • An administrator needs technical parameters such as device status, GPS availability, radio status etc.
  • For a dispatcher these data are rather important: Tour mapping, driver and driving time status
  • For damage prevention a display of ”not retrieved driver-mails" is relevant.

Conclusion: The configurable fleet tree is a further step to expand Infodesk as the portal for easy viewing of complex information contents in the context of mobile applications.

Do you have questions? Our sales team will be happy to answer them.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

Please give us a call:

+49 2871 2722-0

Or send us an e-mail

TISWARE Logistik Hardware - Zebra TC8000

More efficient working with the Zebra TC8000

Zebra TC800 MDE GerätNot only because of its appearance that needs some getting used to, the Zebra TC8000 is a small revolution. From design to software, it is completely tailored to the needs of the fast-paced life and the long shifts in warehouses and retail.
The mobile touch computer provides even more ergonomic and faster, effortless work: For example, the Zebra has TC8000 an integrated handle for facilitated scanning. The specific angle between the handle and device reduces wrist movement and effort. Furthermore, the device is up to 33% lighter than comparable conventional models. Depending on the angle of view the screen of the TC8000 aligns to the viewer and enables greater productivity.

Virtual keyboard and touchscreen

Die virtuelle Tastatur eThe virtual keyboard captures inputs quickly and effectively. To simplify the data input, user keypads can be configured for different applications. The touch screen not only allows the operation of apps with fingers, operation is also possible using a Stylus and even with gloves enabled by multi-touch functionality.

Battery life for up to three shifts

With the largest battery in its class, the device effortlessly covers three shifts. To replace the battery the handheld does not need to be turned off. Battery replacement works easily and within a few seconds just on the fly. The TC8000 allows for selectively scanning in handheld and hands-free operation.

A new software automatically converts old terminal emulation apps into user-friendly, graphics-based touch apps - programming and adjustment of the host application is no longer necessary.
The TC800 detects virtually any data formats - 1D and 2D barcodes to fully searchable and editable documents and according to the manufacturer has the highest reading range in its class.

Conclusion: With the TC800 orders can be processed more quickly and with higher productivity.

The TC8000 works perfectly as a team with our TISLOG logistics software.

Do you have questions? Our colleagues from the sales department are looking forward to talking to you.

Motorola MC95 (since 2015 Zebra MC95) discontinued by Zebra

Zebra MC95 soon no longer available

The hardware manufacturer Zebra ends the retail of the Zebra MC95 (until 2015 Motorola MC95). Until October 30, 2016, the unit can be ordered, deliveries, however, will only be carried out while supplies last. We advise our clients to quickly consider whether any equipment must be bought and order with us until mid-October.

For the MC95, there will be another 5 years of repair and support available. End of Service Date is December 30, 2021. Also accessories, such as batteries, are available until then, that means the device can now be bought safely and used for at least 5 more years.

Alternatives: Zebra TC70/ 75 or the Workabout Pro 4

Succeeding products recommended by Zebra and us are the TC70/ 75 with Android and TISLOG mobile Enterprise or the Workabout Pro 4 with Windows Embedded Handheld and TISLOG mobile PSV3. Both devices like the MC95 are also available with UMTS, so they can be used outside of a wireless coverage.
The Zebra TC70/ 75 can be upgraded with a TISPLUS Scan Handle and Snap-on adapter for use in warehousing. The Workabout Pro 4 as a highly modular instrument can be fitted for almost any exotic requirement, for example, with the TISPLUS Camera Pod Housing or the TISPLUS Smart Card Reader. Also, the long-range scanner Lorax, Scan Handle and UMTS can be combined in the Workabout Pro 4 by TIS.
As a pure wireless device the recently released Zebra TC8000 with Android is worth a look, Zebra has implemented a completely new concept here that is designed to enable significant increases in productivity. For all three devices mentioned, as for the MC95 in the past, TIS provides the integration of active transponders for intelligent camera-based tracking and scan process locating of our partners.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions. We are looking forward to your call.

Change in our sales support

Peter Hochwald - TIS GmbHOur employee Torsten Dutkiewicz from the sales team leaves TIS and has done his best during the last few weeks to organize the handover to his successor.
In the two and a half years that he was with us, Torsten has become a real TISSI - and we will miss him - good luck and success in your future life, Torsten!

We are happy to give him the opportunity to say goodbye personally here and pass the baton to his successor Peter Hochwald, whom we warmly welcome to our team!

Time To Say Goodbye

Tosten Dutkiewicz - TIS GmbHMuch too early the time has come for me to say goodbye to the TIS, Bocholt, to many friendly colleagues, customers and to very exciting and innovative projects. Since I moved to the West because of the limited job opportunities in East Germany more than 10 years ago, it was my dream to return home at some point. This dream comes true now, but it is a bittersweet farewell.

The last two and a half years with TIS were extremely instructive. Beyond the sales of our logistics solutions I was given the opportunity to also accompany the impressive resourceful hardware development in the TIS sales support, one of the most organized and most far-sighted acting marketing departments in the market, experience the implementation of the most complex customer requirements by a project management blessed with extensive industry knowledge and last but not least meet those unsung heroes in software development and support, who face every challenge and always find a solution.

Surprisingly for me, the opportunity has arisen to tackle new challenge in a familiar team at DLoG Advantech and to be able to return to my home to friends and family. I have not made my decision easy, but who knows when I would get such a chance again.

I am very grateful for the understanding my superiors, colleagues and friends here at TIS are bringing towards me for my decision. Fortunately, already in March we have been able strengthen the management with Stefan Hebing and also for my position in the sales department, we found a competent replacement. Since September 1st, Peter Hochwald is working in the sales department at TIS.

Peter Hochwald has 17 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, has been working with distributors and manufacturers. He joined HTC in the Netherlands, as a product manager among others responsible for the launch of the new mobile devices, organized software testing and worked hand in hand with the marketing department. The trained industrial manager is fluent in Dutch and English and is looking forward to a whole new industry for him, in which he can contribute his technical and organizational know-how and communication skills.

An important task of internal sales, for example, is to create a bridge between internal project staff, suppliers and customers, when it comes to the development and advancement of solutions and products. Operationally the sales team supports the project managers in the order creation, clarifies technical questions - and is thus also the mouthpiece of the customer to the inside.

The sales department keeps the hardware market in mind, takes care of our newly established TISWARE product line, under whose name we use our high partner status with the manufacturers to also distribute software products, printers, scanners and forklift terminals without our TISLOG software.

I am very confident that Peter will meet the challenges ahead of him and would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all customers, suppliers and employees of TIS GmbH. Unfortunately the time at TIS was short, but I have learned a lot and look forward to the future staying in touch with TIS.

Torsten Dutkiewicz

Charity - TIS GmbH bekommt Besuch von Vertretern von Kangala e.V. aus Uganda

Charity - TIS GmbH visited by representatives of Kangala e.V. from Uganda

At the end of August we had visitors from Uganda. The project manager of the charity association Kalangala e.V. from Bocholt had come to Germany after 5 years again and took advantage of their visit for an exchange with supporters such as the TIS GmbH.

For more than a decade, we are committed to the organization Kalangala e.V. from Bocholt. On August 30, 2016 Director Margret Katende and school social worker Max were now invited with three members from Kalangala e.V. to join us for coffee and cake. They were very interested in sharing their experience with supporters like us. The two reported of the latest developments on-site, but also had a lot to tell about the background of their work.
To compare the trainings in Africa and in Germany, Tobias van der Linde - our apprentice in his first year - reported on the dual education system in Germany. In Uganda, the vocational training takes place only at the manufacturing premises. The apprentice has to buy and bring his own tools and pay his superior in the first year for training.
For the proteges of Kalangala e.V. without financial support that would not be possible, because most of the children who are taught in the Center "Home of Happiness", do not have parents and are destitute.

The most recent project: The Center will receive its own water pump!

This will make a lot easier: The path is shorter and the water pump is not shared with others. In the past this had led to problems sometimes, because not everyone carefully handled the pump, but nobody felt responsible for maintenance and repair, except the Center Home of Happiness.
Thus, the previous pump is left to the public and the center will cover its water demand using the new pump. The water is pumped from a depth of 120m and will be sufficient to supply the center with water. For the operation of the pump either solar technology can be used or a diesel generator. With solar technology, the center would be independent, however, the initial investment will be higher.
Again, donations are needed.

Previously it was part of the school day for the students to bring water in cans from the generally accessible pump. It cost a lot of time, but that will hopefully change soon.
In addition, growing vegetables without this pump was only possible during the rainy season. The rainy season usually lasts three months, but in recent years it was only four weeks and the grown vegetables withered before they could be harvested.

More info on Kangala e.V.

See you again in October

That's it from us news for this September!
For comments, requests or suggestions regarding this newsletter, we are gladly available.

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