TIS Newsletter November 2017

Send documents on the go, new TIS accessories and webinar dates

Newsletter der TIS GmbH aus Bocholt

November 8, 2017

Markus Vinke, Peter Giesekus - Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Shortly before the holiday season begins, we have some interesting news for you: Find out how to use our TISLOG office Infodesk software to send important documents to your driver while they are on the road.
Do you already know our latest TISPLUS accessory products? Learn more about those in this newsletter. Plus, do not miss out on the latest webinar dates this year and actively participate in the topics of our 2018 webinar program by filling in our survey.
Last but not least, take a glance behind the scenes at TIS and meet our colleague Nadja Zellmann.

Enjoy reading!
For the team of TIS
Markus Vinke / Peter Giesekus
- Managing Directors -

The topics of this issue

Deployment confirmation via driver's mail with attachment

TISLOG Logistik-Software in der Praxis: Unterlagen per Fahrermail senden

Today we would like to introduce an interesting feature in our TISLOG logistics software: Easily provide your drivers with important documents with TISLOG on the go.

The situation

For foreign assignments, German drivers must carry some additional documents - including the posting confirmation (A1 certificate of health insurance).

But what if your driver is already on the road and you need to deliver the documents on the go?

The solution
With TISLOG office Infodesk you can easily send documents with attachment to your driver's  while they are driving!
Your driver can then show the documents on his mobile device during an inspection.
More about this feature and information about new regulations can be found in this news article:

NOW available at TIS: New Scan Handles for Honeywell Handhelds

TISPLUS hardware accessories for logistics bring added value through clever design and improved operation of your hardware.
Our pistol grips (= scan handles) transform your modern handheld smartphone into an ergonomic warehouse scanner in the blink of an eye.

As of now, two new TISPLUS accessories can be ordered from TIS:

Scan Handle for Honeywell ScanPalTM EDA50
Scan Handle for Honeywell Dolphin CT50

Are you interested in the new TISPLUS accessories?

Talk to our colleagues in sales. They are happy to answer your questions.

Free Webinar of telematics provider TIS GmbH

Register NOW!
Webinar dates in November and December

Pre-trip inspection

Paper checklist vs. Software App
Features, advantages and disadvantages

November 30, 2017 | 11:00-11:30 am

In the webinar we talk about both traditional and digitally based departure control and introduce you to our software solution.


TISLOG office Infodesk for new users

Overview, functions, areas of focus, transition

December 5, 2017 | 11:00-11:45 am

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities that TISLOG brings to you at the server-side level for all components of your TIS system. The webinar is hosted by TIS founder Josef Bielefeld!

Webinar Pre-trip inspection

All information about our webinar "Pre-trip inspection - Paper Checklist vs. Software App | Functions, pros and cons" for download

Register here!


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Webinar TISLOG for new users

All information about our webinar "TISLOG office Infodesk for new users - Overview, functions, areas of focus, transition" for download

Register here!


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Survey! Which topics are you interested in? We look forward to your suggestions!

We are currently scheduling new webinars for 2018. We would appreciate your feedback in order to make our program as interesting as possible for you.

Take part in our survey:

Which topics interest you in the form of webinars at TIS?
Let us know your suggestions. We are looking forward to your message!

Do you already know our training courses for customers?


TISLOG for new users

December 12, 2017 | 10 am - 5 pm

In order to exploit the full potential of our TISLOG logistics software for mobile order management, we recommend familiarizing support personnel in your company, such as team leaders, shift managers and administrators with the TISLOG functions in this intensive course. In addition to tips on handling the software on mobile devices, attendees are given insight into the administrative tools and troubleshooting, as well as further information on setup and configuration options.

Pricing and registration

On request, we will gladly provide you with information on the costs and details of our training courses and will gladly accept your registration.

Please contact us at sales@tis-gmbh.de

or use our

Training TISLOG for new users

All information about our training course "TISLOG for new users" for download

Request more information


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Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

Please give us a call:

+49 2871 2722-0

Or send us an e-mail

Employee portrait: Nadja Maria Zellmann

Nadja Zellmann has been working at TIS GmbH since September 2016. She is involved in many business areas of our company - from facility management, marketing, shipping, hardware processing, storage management, secretarial tasks, processing, deliveries to telephone support - and for us she is the woman just in case.

Before she came to TIS, she went through various stations after training as an industrial clerk: from human resources and applicant management to key account and finally to internal sales.

In sales she was able to score not only with a good connection to the customers but also with good English language skills. The aspect she likes most about TIS is the family spirit, the solidarity of the colleagues among each other, as well as the trusting and relaxed approach to the department heads and the management.
In her free time she likes to play music, do sports and wellness and of course she does a lot with her little daughter.


See you next time!

That's it with news from us for today. We will be back with more news soon.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any comments, requests or suggestions.

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