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TIS Newsletter December 2017

Review and outlook on webinars and events 2018 at TIS

Newsletter der TIS GmbH aus Bocholt

December 14, 2017

In the middle of Advent we look back together with you on a busy, successful - and challenging year. With the complete conversion of our backend, we have made our systems future-proof for our customers in the long term. The further development of our systems will now be much easier, technical innovations can now be integrated faster in the applications of our customers. However, we are aware that in the course of the conversion we have demanded a lot from our existing customers. We worked hard on this in 2017 and will intensify our efforts in 2018 so that all systems can be smoothly converted.

At the same time, our development teams continue to work on delivering innovative and viable solutions for telematics and mobile order management. Look forward to our new products, which we will present to you in March at LogiMAT and at the trade fairs in 2018. In June 2018 we will also host our in-house exhibition again in Bocholt. Look forward to a great day with exciting topics from the industry, lots of information about new products, the Tissis and their cooperation partners! 2017 was the first year of our new CEO Markus Vinke, read his first recap here - in addition, we introduce you to another one of our new employees in customer support.

Happy holidays and enjoy reading
for the team of TIS

Peter Giesekus
- Managing Director -

The topics of this issue

2017: a first exciting and successful year

2017 was a brilliant start for all of us with the TIS GmbH receiving the award “company of the year” in Bocholt. On the one hand, such a start does, of course, really bring joy to keep leading this company, but on the other hand, it also makes us aware of the responsibility behind staying on course: 2016 was the most successful year in the company's history, and 2017 did not fall much shorter. For me as the successor of Josef Bielefeld, the company founder, this was a special incentive.


Securing the future and requirements for support

As head of software development, until last year I had initiated the complete technical conversion of our backend. We now have a stable, sophisticated version that guarantees more performance and significantly simplifies and speeds up the technical evolution of the software. At the moment, however, we are faced with the great challenge of accompanying all existing customers adequately during the transition processes - and we know that it is precisely our support team that has to master particularly large tasks in this case.


Strategies against the shortage of skilled workers

That's why 2017 was also all about recruiting people - like most people in our industry, we are increasingly feeling the shortage of skilled workers and have begun to professionalize and expand our efforts. An important pillar of this strategy is that we educate our own professionals. Apprentices are currently being trained in three different training occupations at TIS. From 2018, a student will join the team, who completed a dual degree. Because we believe that the best way to counteract the shortage of skilled labor in the long term lies in the provision of our own, good training. At the same time we professionalize our entire recruiting. Since the summer of 2017 we have our own website for applicants to optimize the perception of TIS as an employer. And we are intensively doing PR in the region and at the University in order to increase awareness of graduates and specialists in the region of TIS as an employer and to make TIS more attractive.

The success speaks for itself: In 2017 alone, we hired five new employees - and we know we have to stay on the ball here.


Mobile Device Management

Another important topic is Mobile Device Management. Here we have managed to develop a unique selling point to the competition. Because we are independent of technical service providers with our system and can now administrate and update TISLOG mobile Enterprise from the server and at the same time integrate software updates without loss of data into the processes of our customers.


The company founder in a new role

Josef Bielefeld continues to be an important support in the company. Although he has retreated from the operative business, he is still very interested in everything that TIS does and how our company develops. In order to stay up to date technically, he has taken on new tasks: He documents and tests our software, especially our TISLOG office Infodesk. He also hosts several webinars and trainings (for customers and also internally) about our products. Thus, he shares his knowledge and experience with us and our customers and continues to support us.

In 2018, the topic of personnel search will continue to accompany us, as will the further development of our products and the conversion of our software among all existing customers. In-house, we will accelerate internal training. So developments remain exciting and I look forward to keeping this company on track with our team and developing optimal solutions for our customers.

TISWARE seal - quality, TIS-tested

Quality and service for our customers is our top priority when choosing hardware from our suppliers. In order to make it clear to our customers in the future which devices we have put to the TIS-test, we now award a TIS seal for the hardware that has passed our tests. The seal makes our testing transparent and helps with investment decisions.

What does our seal stand for?

In a constant process, we check the equipment of our suppliers, but also of potential other manufacturers for its suitability for our customers. The devices are first tested by our hardware specialists for compliance with the technical characteristics. Thereafter, TIS software specialists analyze the operating system and the use of important hardware components, e.g. the key assignment, the GPS receiver, the scan engine, the communication channels (GSM, WLAN, Bluetooth) through our software. Finally, we also take a close look at the manufacturers and the service concepts, which results in a test protocol created for each device.

Do you have questions?

Our Sales Department will be happy to help.

Extended mobile phone ban and fines

In October, the mobile phone ban was tightened and extended to the use of electronic devices while driving. Good to know: The mobile devices may still be operated in a holder, so it is important that all devices have TISPLUS cradles in the vehicle. It is also not allowed to type an address into the navigation device while driving. Only the use of voice control and reading function is unproblematic. Therefore it is a good thing that TISLOG mobile Enterprise can automatically transfer the address of the next stop to the PTV navigation.

Achim Haas reinforces TIS support

Achim Haas joined TIS GmbH in September 2017. His responsibilities include the internal support of employees, the administration of IT and the customer support of our products. For the past ten years, he has been providing training courses for Microsoft client and server systems as a permanent trainer at two different training providers.

Prior to that, he worked in the Siemens Mobile support division and assisted in the introduction and support of a knowledgebase solution for the products. At TIS, he likes working with the employees and the positive mood, the good work environment and equipment as well as the varied work. In his free time, he tries to spend as much time as possible with his young children. The family is going out a lot and making trips together, swimming bath and museum visits, geocaching and short bike rides.

Webinars in January

TISLOG office infodesk for new users

Overview, features, focus areas, transition

January 18, 2018 | 11.00 am-12.00 pm

Learn more about the benefits and opportunities that TISLOG brings to you at the server-side level for all components of your TIS system.
Speaker: Josef Bielefeld


New map features in TISLOG

Overview, features, configuration, application tips

January 18, 2018 | 12.30-1.45 pm

Learn everything essential about the basic map structure, the map functions, vehicle representations and the display of all other data - and how the map view can be configured.


Pre-trip inspection

Paper checklist vs. Software app.

Functions, pros and cons

January 22, 2017 | 2.00-2.45 pm
In the webinar we talk about both traditional and digitally based pre-trip inspection and introduce you to our software solution.

Do you already know our training courses for customers?


TISLOG for new users

January 30, 2018 | 10 am - 5 pm

In order to exploit the full potential of our TISLOG logistics software for mobile order management, we recommend familiarizing support personnel in your company, such as team leaders, shift managers and administrators with the TISLOG functions in this intensive course. In addition to tips on handling the software on mobile devices, attendees are given insight into the administrative tools and troubleshooting, as well as further information on setup and configuration options.

Pricing and registration

On request, we will gladly provide you with information on the costs and details of our training courses and will gladly accept your registration.

Please contact us at

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

Do you have any questions about this news or general questions about our products and services?

Our colleagues in the TIS sales gladly take care of your questions concerns.

Please give us a call:

+49 2871 2722-0

Or send us an e-mail

LogiMAT 2018 in March

From March 13-15, 2018, we will once again be presenting at the top event of intralogistics, the LogiMAT 2018. At the beginning of the next year, we will get back to you in more detail.

Look forward to more information then in the January issue of our newsletter!

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