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TIS Newsletter April 2016

Driving Style Evaluation for more economic driving and InnoMATIK is right around the corner!

Driving Style Evaluation in TISLOG office for more economic driving

Josef Bielefeld & Peter Giesekus Geschäftsführer TIS GmbH

April 26, 2016

Learn more this time about the Driving Style Evaluation and how the use of this feature can motivate your drivers to a more economical driving style.
We also report to you one last time in advance of the InnoMATIK, our 4th Innovation Forum Telematics. Look forward to expert talks, news and innovations from the industry on this event!

for the team of TIS
Josef Bielefeld / Peter Giesekus
- Managing Directors -

The topics of this issue

Driving Style Evaluation for more economic driving

Valid data for Driving Style Evaluation: The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck transmits driver data such as braking, driving speed or accelerator pedal movements to the headquarters. This provides a good basis for the drivers to improve their own driving style and more economic driving in the entire fleet.

Different indicators show, if a driver is driving forsightful, safe and economical - for example coasting mode, cruise control, accelerator pedal movement, stops and driving at excessive speed.

Fahrstilanalyse in TISLOG office: Gemeinsam ökonomischer fahren

The TISLOG telematicbox Truck collects data from the tachograph and the FMS / CAN bus and forwards it to the headquarters, where the data can be processed and displayed in detail via TISLOG office. Even raking lists of all drivers can be displayed. Thus the driving behavior of the driver becomes transparent within the fleet.

Driving style indicators finely tuned

For the Driving Style Evaluation in TISLOG office target ranges can be defined, prioritized, and adjust very finely:

Fahrstilanalyse in TISLOG office: Gemeinsam ökonomischer fahren

The data are normalized by the TIS system to 100 kilometers and an average value determined. For the evaluation, a target range is stipulated and the indicators are recorded when exceeding or falling below the limiting values. The results are finally weighted and ranked accordingly. This allows to finely adjust the driving style evaluation.

Economical driving with Driving Style Evaluation

Still, with up to about 30 percent of the total costs the fuel costs are the biggest factor in the truck sector. Thanks to the technological developments of the last decades the fuel consumption has fallen significantly. Meanwhile, on test tracks already values below 30l/100 km are in foreseeable range. Nevertheless, there is still potential for savings that could be controlled mainly on the driving behavior. Thus, by a uniform driving or when driving with cruise control a lot less fuel is being consumed than at fluctuating speeds.

Driving style evaluation in TISLOG office therefore factors such as wear-free braking and uniform velocity also testify for economical driving habits of the driver. With the results of the driving style evaluation, for example, targeted driver training can be derived in order to improve the driving style - and to save fuel costs. TIS customers have also made very good experience with bonus systems. For example, half of the savings in diesel consumption was quarterly paid to the driver, providing motivation for the driver in addition to the driver hit list to change their driving behavior accordingly.
The driving style evaluation by TIS is manufacturer independent.
Are you interested in information about potential savings thanks to Driving style evaluation?

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InnoMATIK, 4th Innovation Forum Telematics 2016 in Schermbeck

InnoMATIK, the 4th Innovation Forum Telematics:

Industry trends and expert discussions

This year our 4th Innovation Forum Telematics offers both the opportunity to gain valuable insight into the industry and to hear presentations by top guest speakers, as well as the celebration of the 30th anniversary of TIS GmbH together with all Tissis.
Between May 18 and 19, 2016 we are expecting more than 100 participants are in the Landhotel Voshövel in Schermbeck. For two days, decision makers from shipping and logistics meet in a relaxed atmosphere to share news of the industry, check out the trends, as well as our new hardware and software developments.
Two guest speakers will present current topics around autonomous driving and trends in mobile applications: Prof. Dr. Michael Schreckenberg, Professor of Physics of Transport and Traffic at the University of Duisburg and Daniel Dombach, Head of EMEA Industry Solutions at Zebra Technologies.

Also among the highlights of the event is a look behind the scenes of TISLOG. Visitors can learn interesting details about our in-house software development that have not been shown publicly yet.

There will also be enough time to visit the accompanying exhibition of hardware and software partners from TIS. The exhibition provides an opportunity to discover the latest generation of equipment and accessories for the road and the warehouse live: In addition to the equipment from Honeywell and Zebra also video and lighting solutions for Intralogistics are presented by DIVIS, forklift terminals of DLoG and the touch-based terminal emulation Wavelink are on display - as well as the entire current product family of TIS.

On the evening of May 18th, all visitors are invited to join us in our anniversary celebration and round off the day in a festive atmosphere.

More information can be found on our event website:

See you in May!

That was it with news and useful information from TIS in April. See you again in May!

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