Business biography and interview with Peter Giesekus

Expert and veteran in telematics

1977 the trained forwarding agent began his career at Danzas

Until 1986 leading responsibly in various trucking companies, most recently as managing director of vehicles Termoropa Munster, a medium-sized food forwarder with 150 vehicles

1986 - 2000 working in software companies like Cap debis and PAS, who are dedicated to logistics. First telematics projects at Nelke, Hays, P&O etc.

2000 - 2008 managing Director at Qualcomm, responsible for large telematics installations in Germany, Poland, Austria and Switzerland

Seit 2008 managing Director of TIS GmbH in Bocholt and responsible for the sales department

Peter Giesekus
Managing Director of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Interview with Peter Giesekus

You have been drawn into the freight forwarding business early – what fascinated you so much about that industry?

Peter Giesekus Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

Actually, I've stumbled rather accidentally into the forwarding industry. After high school, I often helped out in a freight forwarding company as a driver and finally, during the period in which I had to wait for a place at university, I completed an apprenticeship there. Pretty quickly I had learned that the forwarding business has more perspectives to offer than those as a driver.

In 1986 you are switched businesses from forwarding agencies to service providers for forwarding companies - what lead to this decision?


Back then I was 28 years old and managing a food shipping agency with about 100 vehicles - and had reached an impasse due to possibilities of further developments in my career there, because I was already near the top.
I've also always been fascinated by process design and organization. At that time a Munster company began to develop software for the Full truckload industry. He needed technically funded input from the trucking industry - because software development is organizational development. Then the owner made me an offer in the nick of time. I have hesitated for a long time. But finally doing what I really wanted, motivated me a lot: which was designing and optimizing processes and solving new organizational tasks every day, without me getting bogged down in the daily routines of the freight forwarding business.

What are the benefits to your customers today, now that you know both 'sides': The forwarding business from the inside - and the side of software developers who develop features for the forwarding industry?


I can very well distinguish between nonsense and visions, because I know from practice, what can be implemented, where the problem areas are and how to streamline the processes. The subject of "forwarding" is very hard to explain to a theorist. Since it helps a lot in software development, if you are a practitioner. Programming can be learned, freight forwarding, you should have done yourself.

2008 you have joined TIS as Managing Director. How did that happen? And the synergies result from your knowledge and experience of Joseph Bielefeld?


From 2000 to 2008 I was responsible as the first German employee and manager of a stock traded U.S. company for their establishment in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. It was good times during the establishing period, but the more established of the group became in Europe, more limited my scope of action became and the more routine administration became.

I had known Josef Bielefeld for a long time and then as well as now, felt respect for his engineering spirit. We got in touch again over a project. He was looking for someone with good industry knowledge and networks in Europe - and I did not have to think about it very long. At TIS, I would finally be able to make a difference and so one thing lead to the next.Today I can implement ideas within a reasonable period, and would rather be inspired than thwarted. Many new technologies, such as integrated Photography offer new opportunities in telematics. Telematics is still young and is in its infancy. For a telematics veteran like me, there is hardly any better habitat than TIS.

What customers say about working with TIS


"We enjoy working with TIS, because TIS is a reliable project partner who quickly implements professional solutions tailored to our growing needs."

René Lüthen
Managing Director
IT Manager / IT Head Office Germany
Raben Services GmbH



„Everything the employees of TIS integrate into the hardware works out very well - no rough edges.“

KG Bursped Speditions-GmbH & Co in Hamburg


"To us the TIS is a competent service provider, who convinces us of his reliability and flexibility again and again even after many years of working together."

Steve Kolmich
IT Manager
Forwarder Sander in Itzehoe



„Working with TIS is simple, straightforward and professional ...“

Andreas Terschlüsen
IT Management
BEWITAL GmbH & Co. KG in Südlohn-Oeding

zitate-logo-gbweiss"We opted for PSV3 because TIS always strive for staying up-to-date with their system and at the time of the evaluation the product came with the best value for money. We also already had very good experience with TIS and their predecessor "Psion" (the scanner with laser pen)."

Roland Werenka
Prokurist | Head of IT-Services Overland Transports
Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H.

zitate-logo-gustke"We enjoy working with TIS, because we appreciate the personal contact with the TIS staff that has grown over many years. We perceive the cooperation as very trustful. TIS is a very innovative partner supporting us optimally with the ever-increasing requirements in the field of transportation and logistics. Especially in terms of new projects TIS assists quickly and competently."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT
Forwarder Heinrich Gustke GmbH