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Business biography and interview with Josef Bielefeld

Founder of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

1970 -1976 Study of "Technical Computer Science" at RWTH Aachen

1976 - 1978 Software Developer and project manager at GEI, Aachen

1978 - 1984 Software Developer at Siemens AG, Munich and Bocholt

1984 - 1985 Head of Development at KH Data Technology, Bocholt

End of 1985 Establishing the TIS Technische Informationssysteme

From 1992 (after conversion into the TIS GmbH) Managing Director and sole owner

Josef Bielefeld
Founder & Managing Director
of TIS GmbH in Bocholt

Interview with Josef Bielefeld

You have studied technical computer science - what kind of program was it at that time? And what did you make of it then for a living?

Josef Bielefeld - Gründer und Geschäftsführer der TIS GmbH

In 1972 in Aachen technical computer science was a completely new course of study that appealed to me immediately because of the combination of hardware and software. As part of my thesis in 1975, I was able to engage in the field of microprocessors and programmed an operating system. The study of "small" computers then pursued me professionally, and then ultimately led to the development of mobile systems in the TIS.
Speaking of which: The name 'Technische Informationssysteme' ( = Technical Information Systems) was the result of my passion for the technical computer science.

When and how did you discover Telematics for yourself? Was there an initial project?


The first mobile solutions at TIS it in the field of data acquisition were already established in 1991. In 1994 we have realized the first mobile telematics project ever together with the company PAS (now Active Logistics) which we successfully implemented at the forwarding agency Nelke in Hanover. Even back then all data was already transferred directly online from the scanner (via trunked radio) to the shipping software, which at that time was far from self-evident and easy!

What was your goal in founding TIS - and have you achieved it?


My goal was to deal professionally with interesting, innovative technical applications, and to implement these as finished custom fit components and systems. Since I was not able to realize this as an employee, as a logical consequence I launched my own business in 1985 - the TIS. Right from the start I thrived for a good, open and cooperative working environment - in my view, the basic requirement for open-mindedness, interest and innovation among employees.
I hope and think that these objectives have been achieved to date, essentially, nevertheless of course I still see potential for improvement.

What has surprised you in the last few years at TIS and the logistics industry? Did the technical development take the course that you wanted?


In essence, the development for mobile systems in logistics goes as we would expect because of the technical constraints. TIS has consistently counted on "100%" mobile solutions, and is therefore merely confirmed by the latest developments. However, every now I wonder how prematurely certain trends (eg RFID and smart-phone use) are welcomed by customers, even though the requirements in logistics are different and much more demanding. In my opinion the desire for a very simple and cost effective solution often outweighs a realistic assessment based on economic aspects - Keyword: Total cost of ownership.

Therefore we often have to lower the expectations of customers, because based on our experience we make a clear distinction between technological and economic feasibility.

What was particularly important to you in the development of your company?


Innovation and technology are the drivers to make our products better and more diverse in use for our customers. In effect, the customer pays only for practically useful economic products.

What fascinates you about Telematics - until today?


The technical conditions keep getting better, and allow your imagination more freedom due to the possibilities of providing new products.

Do you want to comment on your prospective business succession?


I have focused on this subject for some time now. The new corporate building and internal restructuring are the first steps for an orderly succession. But I still enjoy my work a lot and therefore see myself still active in the corporate governance for at least several years.

What customers say about working with TIS


"We enjoy working with TIS, because TIS is a reliable project partner who quickly implements professional solutions tailored to our growing needs."

René Lüthen
Managing Director
IT Manager / IT Head Office Germany
Raben Services GmbH



„Everything the employees of TIS integrate into the hardware works out very well - no rough edges.“

KG Bursped Speditions-GmbH & Co in Hamburg


"To us the TIS is a competent service provider, who convinces us of his reliability and flexibility again and again even after many years of working together."

Steve Kolmich
IT Manager
Forwarder Sander in Itzehoe



„Working with TIS is simple, straightforward and professional ...“

Andreas Terschlüsen
IT Management
BEWITAL GmbH & Co. KG in Südlohn-Oeding

zitate-logo-gbweiss"We opted for PSV3 because TIS always strive for staying up-to-date with their system and at the time of the evaluation the product came with the best value for money. We also already had very good experience with TIS and their predecessor "Psion" (the scanner with laser pen)."

Roland Werenka
Prokurist | Head of IT-Services Overland Transports
Gebrüder Weiss Gesellschaft m.b.H.

zitate-logo-gustke"We enjoy working with TIS, because we appreciate the personal contact with the TIS staff that has grown over many years. We perceive the cooperation as very trustful. TIS is a very innovative partner supporting us optimally with the ever-increasing requirements in the field of transportation and logistics. Especially in terms of new projects TIS assists quickly and competently."

Henry Gustke
Head of IT
Forwarder Heinrich Gustke GmbH