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TISPLUS holster bag with side bag

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Holster bag for Honeywell and Zebra devices

The TISPLUS holster bag for mobile scanners offers a safe-keeping of the device. For holster with hip straps as well as for holster with a retaining plate for mountings at a forklift.

Characteristics of TISPLUS holster bag with side bag

  • Suitable for Honeywell CT47, Zebra TC53/TC58 and Zebra TC73/TC78
  • For big, mobile scanners without grip
  • Including a side holster for cutter knives or pens
  • Useful for the working life
  • Safe-keeping of the device

Related Hardware

Honeywell CT47

The CT47 Mobile Computer has 5G and offers a fast data transfer. Furthermore, it has a very robust housing.

Zebra TC58

The Zebra TC58 mobile computer offers a good scanning performance, a powerful battery and a thin but also robust design.

Zebra TC78

The Zebra TC78 mobile computer is built very robust. Because of this, the mbile computer can be used perfectly in harsh working environments such as logistics.

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TISPLUS Holster bag with side bag

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