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MobiControl - Industry Proven Mobility Management

Full control over the mobile part of our business!

SOTI MobiControl simplifies your mobile device management. Manage, support, secure and track your mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

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Equipment supply and registration

With MobiControl you can easily adapt to the constantly changing conditions in your company.
With intelligent policy management, you have new devices ready in less time and with less errors for your employees.

Easily manage mobile users

MobiControl makes device registration easy even with large quantities of mobile terminals, regardless of device, operating system or deployment model.

Device management

Android, Windows or iOS? Use MobiControl to easily manage all the mobile devices you are using.


MobiControl puts great importance in network, data and device security and flexibly adapts to new security threats before they become a problem. This prevents data loss, unauthorized access and misuse.

Comprehensive application management

Choose which apps are allowed on which device, manage updates, and configure settings "Over-the-Air".

Data and file management

The MobiControl content library supports all common file formats and offers you fine-tuned control over your data. Administrators can set priority levels, search, sort, and group business files with tags.
This allows your mobile workers to access documents quickly and easily.

Change of device generations

MobiControl supports the simple decommissioning of devices during a generation change or modification of the application area and ensures the backup and removal of all important company data, applications and settings from the device with the push of a button by "over the air backup" and deletion.

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SOTI MobiControl

SOTI MobiControl - industry proven Mobility Management


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Soti MobiControl Architecture

Learn more about the communication between the administrative console and mobile computers with Mobicontrol.

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Founded in 1995 in Ontario, Canada, SOTI, Inc. is one of the market leaders in mobile device management. The MobiControl software allows mobile devices to be configured, secured, maintained, and tracked. SOTI MobiControl supports a large number of devices with a wide range of operating systems and allows them to be managed via a joint platform.

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