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TISPLUS TRAK for Easy Remote Tachograph Download

TRAK Configuration Adapter (w/o image)

With the help of the TRAK Configuration Adapter, the PIN of the TIS TRAK be changed. The connection to the PC is established via USB. For configuring a terminal program is necessary, such as HyperTerminal or Putty.

With the introduction of the digital tachograph, contractors are required to read and archive both the data from the digital tachograph and the data from the driver cards regularly.

The TIS Tacho Remote Access Key (TRAK) enables direct wireless access to the download interface of the digital tachograph to download the data to a handheld or laptop for archiving or for regulatory review.

Simply attach the TRAK directly to the download interface, connect wirelessly with a mobile computer or notebook and the download can be performed safely and easily, even from a distance.

The TRAK works with mobile computers/PC/Notebook applications that use the serial COM port of the digital tachograph for download.

Characteristics of the TISPLUS TRAK

  • Wireless: An integrated radio module enables wireless connection from the digital tachograph to the MDT or notebook.
    Precondition: Your laptop or handheld has a Bluetooth® interface
  • Remote: The radio module also allows the download from a distance to the digital tacho. Depending on radio interferences in a range of up to 10m
  • No battery: powered bz the speedometer, no batteries required
  • Secure connection: Each TRAK has a unique PIN that is needed to establish the connection. The data transmission
    is encrypted
  • Status display: The status of the radio link is indicated by a blue LED. Operational readiness indicated by flashing blue LED after
    plugging, when connected the LED glows permanently
  • Robust and light: Convenient handling by robust housing and light weight

Technical Specifications of TISPLUS TRAK


70 x 23 x 13 mm


-40 to +85°C


Bluetooth® V2 + EDR (SPP-Profile) RS232, EIA-232


Class 2 (up to 10m)


up to 115kBits/s

For further technical information please see the datasheet for download.

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