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TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus

TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus - Telematics data for TISLOG mobile devices

The TISLOG solutions are characterized by the fact that all equipment used in the vehicle is 100% mobile. The acquisition of data from devices that are built into the truck (Digital Tacho) or from the on-board computer (via the FMS/CAN interface) is now increasingly required.

These interface functions are taken over by the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus, which is firmly connected by cable to the on-board units and is powered by the vehicle electrical system. Fulfill your archiving obligations straightforward, even if your vehicles are on the road.

The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus in connection with newer tachos also enables the Remote Tachograph Download of data - easily and conveniently from your office. The mobility of TISWARE terminals is preserved, since the communication to the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus is done wirelessly via Bluetooth®.

The connection is established automatically when the terminal is within radio range (about 10m) of the assigned TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus.
The assignment TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus - mobile device is flexible and easy to configure, so that equipment changes (e.g. in springer vehicles) are no problem.

The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus is used in connection with the TISLOG system, among others for the effective monitoring of the driving and rest times. It is connected to the info interface of the digital tachograph, recording and storing all data on the nature and duration of the activities.

In addition, the TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus provides an interface to the FMS/CAN2 bus of the truck. By this it is possible to query and evaluate specific telematics data.
The processed and compressed data are transmitted to the mobile device via Bluetooth®. From the mobile device the data can be sent via mobile radio from the vehicle directly to the headquarters and be provided to the evaluation software or dispatching.

Advantages: The tacho remote download allows for newer tachos to easily and conveniently meet archiving duties right out of your office, even if the vehicle is on the road.

Technical Specifications of TISPLUS telematicbox Truck Plus


112 x 64 x 33 mm (L x W x H)


-20 to +70°C


ca. 150 g


Bluetooth®: Class 2, Spezifikation V1.2, 2.5mW, max. 50m


at 12V typ. 60mA / max. 80mA at 24V typ. 38mA / max. 43mA


CC (Part15), e1

Errors and changes excepted

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