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TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer

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Robust telematics unit for locating of trailers -TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer

The TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer is an ideal complement to our TISPLUS telematicbox Truck and is equipped with a highly sensitive GPS receiver, as well as the integrated GSM/ GPS antennas.

Easily locate your trailers in an uncomplicated way for transparent, successful fleet management.
With the TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer you you know where your trailers are - anytime.

The device enables identification of truck and trailer and minimizes pick-up errors. The TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer is powered by the on-board supply system. In case of a discon-nection from the main power supply, the battery takes over. This ensures the transmission of the position data for up to two weeks* even when decoupled.

At a glance

  • Waterproof casing for outdoor use
  • Concept of integrated antennas facilitates uncomplicated and fast installation
  • Digital/ analog input/ output slots for TISLOG applications
  • Optimal supplement for TISPLUS telematicbox Truck
  • Made in Germany
  • Data transmission: GPRS & SMS
  • Trailer coupling status in conjunction with TISLOG office Infodesk

*depending on the configuration of the box, charging status of the battery at the time of uncoupling, outside temperature

Technical Specifications of TISPLUS telematicbox Trailer


150 x 65 x 45 mm (L X W X H)


-30 to +75°C


E1; CE


• GSM/GPRS: Quad Band
• GPS receiver type: 48-channel GPS receiver
• GPS sensitivity (Localization): -163dBm
• GPS acquisition time: cold <34 sec; Hot 1 sec


• Integrated GSM & GPS antennas
• Integrated motion sensor
• Robust SIM card holder (1.8 / 3V)


• Ignition signal (on / off): 1x
• Generally usable inputs (digital / analog): 1x (digital or
• Digital Outputs:1x

For further technical information please see the datasheet for download.

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