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TISPLUS Card Reader

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TISPLUS 12-slot card reader for speedometer archiving

The TISPLUS 12-slot card reader in a 19 inch/ 1U housing for server rack installation is ideally suited for reading out smartcard business cards for management of the speedometer archive. Two LAN-to-USB adapters are integrated in the housing, to which 12 card readers are connected via USB hubs, thus 6 card readers per LAN connection.

At a glance

  • Housing for installation in 19 inch server rack, 1 rack unit
  • Front 12x smart card reader slots
  • On the back 2x power supply and 2x LAN connections (LAN-A / B) for the LAN-to-USB adapter and the Smart Card Reader


A TISPLUS telematicbox Truck 3 is required in the truck for remote reading.

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Passende Hardware


The TISPLUS telematicbox Truck 3 is a module of the TISLOG solution and enables the continuous location of the vehicle, the acquisition of data from the digital speedometer and telematics data from the truck board computer via FMS/CAN interface.

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