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Pioneer Telematics 4.0 in logistics

On the way to the future with Web 4.0 - Logistics 4.0 - Telematics 4.0

Logistik 4.0 – Auf dem Weg in die Zukunft

January 31, 2017

When it comes to the use of new technologies, the logistics industry has always been one of the innovative pioneers. Above all, necessity is a determining factor: ever-increasing freight volumes worldwide, ever closer deadlines, safety aspects and legal regulations.
All these factors contribute to the highly motivated research and work to optimize telematics systems, to increasingly join supply chain sections in a network and to automate the transport.

At the end of last year, the IHK-conference "Digitization in the Road Transport Industry" focused on these topics. The advances in digitalization along the supply chain are increasingly discussed - a synonym for this is the term supply chain 4.0.
Industry experts and specialists emphasize the need to make transportation even more transparent.

The goal: information must be available in real time from the first to the last mile of the supply chain.

The hopes are based on logistics 4.0 - the complete interlinking of digital and real transport environments.
Telematics plays an increasingly important role in the networking of mobile systems.

Our colleague Peter Giesekus attended the IHK event as a guest speaker and spoke about the future visions of TIS GmbH. TIS is not only targeted on the way to the 4.0 world, with their toes, our products and services have already arrived.

Peter Giesekus explained this by using the example of the pick-up dispatching.

Order data from various sources can already be integrated into TISLOG office today. The TISLOG software allows an automatic assignment to the cargo hold and the vehicle. The software is, for example, aware of whether a shipment is going through a hub or is delivered directly. This is not only determined by the weight of the consignment. Scheduling and transport to and from the place of departure and reception also have an impact on the decision. Added to this are other parameters, such as VAS (Value Added Services), the obligatory carry-along of lifting platforms or portable stackers or temperature control. The system makes the systematic decisions on the basis of a stored network plan. Orders that do not directly receive an assignment can be posted in freight exchanges. Of course, the system monitors the deadlines and automatically warns of delays. Human action in the disposition is hardly necessary. The system automatically takes into account data, such as current vehicle locations, loading status, loading aids, remaining driving times, ETA and plan data, hub time limits, real-time data on the traffic situation for navigation as well as swap trailers and trailer availability.

TIS has already implemented many 4.0 features within the framework of a large project in Sweden.

Telematics 4.0 reduces human interactions to a consistent "management by exception". However, this requires a maximum of planning intelligence in the definition of the processes, since subsequent intervention is no longer intended.

The strategic goal of the TIS products has already aligned itself to the 4.0 world today and TIS will continue to play a pioneering role in telematics - especially Telematics 4.0

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