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Fabian Bielefeld hired as second managing director

Press Release July 2023

Fabian Bielefeld hired as second managing director

Fabian Bielefeld | Geschäftsführer und Vertriebsleiter der TIS GmbH
Fabian Bielefeld | Geschäftsführer und Vertriebsleiter der TIS GmbH

Bocholt, July 03, 2023

Fabian Bielefeld has been the second managing director of TIS GmbH since July 1st, 2023. He manages the company together with Markus Vinke, who has been the managing director since 2016.

Fabian Bielefeld has been working at TIS GmbH for 13 years. He started as a project manager and later switched to sales. He is also a shareholder of the company and has been part of the management for several years. As the son of company founder Josef Bielefeld, he has known TIS since he was a child and is therefore very familiar with the company. Josef Bielefeld is very pleased that his son is now also a managing director: "I am glad that the successful history of TIS is being continued in this way. Thanks to the good logistical training and the internal career at TIS, Fabian has the best qualifications for this certainly demanding task.”
In addition to his duties as managing director, Fabian Bielefeld is also responsible for the sales team. This keeps him close to the action, which was very important to him. “TIS is known as an innovative and reliable partner, which we will continue to expand. In addition, I will build on what my father created: a job where I feel comfortable and enjoy going to,” says Fabian Bielefeld.

With this, TIS GmbH is also giving a clear signal that it wants to stick to the existing structures: to continue to be independent and remain in family hands. As a company with more than 30 years of experience in the logistics industry and a special focus on the areas of telematics and mobile order management, this is an important message. Markus Vinke, who has been the sole managing director of TIS GmbH in recent years confirms it: "Many of our customers value our independence, which means that we are particularly able to provide more neutral advice than most of our competitors, who are now buying into consortia condition. With appropriate networking, we still offer systems that can support all of our customers' business processes without interruptions or media breaks - the user is not aware of this and operates a fully integrated solution."

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