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Employee training: forwarding worklife meets telematics

Mitarbeiterschulung der TIS GmbH

Bocholt, December 12, 2019

The TIS team consists of trained specialists in all areas, most of whom have their professional background in logistics.
For decades, our experts have been taking care of customers directly on site in their companies in joint project work so that planned installations can be perfectly adapted to the individual requirements of each company. This practice-oriented approach is valuable in many ways. The knowledge of our employees continues to grow in project work and the wealth of experience gained forms an essential milestone for the needs-oriented further development of our solutions.

The developments in the field of digitization and Industry 4.0 are rapid. And practice often shows how quickly requirements can change and problems do develop from details. Therefore, both practical and current knowledge is the most valuable basis for our work.

TIS now offers all employees, including those who are not directly involved in project work, the opportunity to acquire additional detailed knowledge of the problems and challenges in everyday freight forwarding so that they can respond even better to the needs of our customers.
All areas that contribute to customer success at TIS should benefit from this optimization, including support and accessory development, for example.

Forwarding knowledge in fine tuning

The initiative started as an internal training series for all departments, from administration to software development, support, project planning and sales.
In three units, each 90 minutes long, executive trainer Gerd Föcking imparts specialized logistics knowledge and discusses the challenges in transportation from the point of view of senders and recipients.
During his long time as a moderator and consultant, Gerd Föcking also got to know some TIS customers and many of the challenges they face in their daily logistical work.
As a coach, he brings his own perspective into play for both sides, which creates a fresh view at old and new problems.

In the training units, the typical priorities in transport, such as coverage and tour utilization, are just as much a topic as the crossover between the parties involved in the cooperation, such as obligations or billing for services.
The different transports and services are first introduced. Subsequently, the special problems are examined together in group work and the reference to existing TIS products or new approaches are worked out.
End-customer requirements for logisticians and important issues in forwarding, such as dangerous goods, load securing and the role of drivers as first row service providers at the end of the supply chain are also part of the training.

The link to the TIS products is of course particularly interesting. The various modules and their numerous useful functions are placed in a practical context during the workshops. New ideas for additional features have already emerged.
Another topic is the close connection to Industry 4.0 in the form of new technologies, digitization and AI, topics that will play a major role for future product development at TIS GmbH.

First conclusion

With the first group of participants, the training series was so well received that the training is now to be continued with other colleagues, so that the entire team of over 70 employees gradually gets the opportunity to take part in the workshop.

Especially the developers at TIS GmbH, who work with the TISLOG software at the heart of our products, are convinced that the exchange of knowledge with each other and with Gerd Föcking offers them even deeper insight into current problems and supports them in this way to work out better solutions.

Markus Vinke, Managing Director of TIS GmbH and initiator of the program, is also very satisfied with the first run.
“If you want to keep up, you have to do it at all levels,” he said, adding: “If everyone involved works together on the same basis of knowledge, you can achieve more together in less time. Problems can be recognized earlier and solved faster. This benefits the quality of our support as well as our product development and the entire TISLOG community, above all our customers. ”

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