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e-CMR: The paperless consignment note

e-CMR: The paperless consignment note


Bocholt, February 18, 2022

After ten years of coming into effect of the e-CMR protocol, Germany has introduced and accepted the digital consignment note, called e-CMR. Because of this, we decided to include it in our system.

Advantages over a paper CMR
By comparing a conventional CMR on paper and a digital consignment note the biggest advantage of the digital one is the saving of time during the administrative process.
While the paper CMR has a long process of administration – from handing out the CMR, to the collection and control of the CMR, to the point of scanning and archiving, the control of the scanned documents and the physical archiving – the administration of the e-CMR is short as many of the steps are done automatically. Because of this, it is possible to save up to nine days of administration with the use of the digital consignment note. But there is more. Through the adjustment less paper is used. For each digital consignment note four sheets of paper can be saved. This helps the environment and leads to another important advantage.

The function of the e-CMR
The expeditor or the loader generates the consignment note in the e-CMR platform.

  1. The e-CMR has an identification code and will be sent together with the other necessary documents from the transport management system to the mobile device of the driver.
  2. The driver can complete its status as usual on his device. He can also note damages and he can get signatures on his mobile device.
  3. During the whole process, all information of the e-CMR as well as the e-CMR itself can be seen by all people who are involved in the supply chain.

Soon it will be possible to commission TIS to create the e-CMR via the transport management system. In this case, the digital consignment note will be created by TIS GmbH and forwarded to the corresponding system.

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