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e-CMR – Digital consignment note in TISLOG

e-CMR - Digital consignment note now available in TISLOG logistics software

September 15, 2021


Paper consignment note finally digital in Germany

The e-CMR Protocol has been in force since June 5, 2011. Now, almost 10 years later to the day, the Bundestag has adopted the e-CMR Protocol for Germany on June 10, 2021 and incorporated it into German law.

The law will become effective on September 17, 2021, after being announced by the Bundesrat in document 665/21.

This makes Germany one of the last countries to recognize and introduce the so-called "e-CMR" (electronic consignment note).

TIS GmbH in Bocholt has of course been following these developments for some time and our solution has long been prepared for the update:

As of now, we offer the processing of the e-CMR in the TISLOG logistics software.

With this, we are also taking one step further towards "Paperless Logistics".

Faster processing, more affordable archiving

Paper consignment notes can cause many problems in practice. They can get lost, become illegible when scanned. Exchanging these papers by mail between the transport service provider and the customer takes time and delays the clarification of irregularities and the billing process. The archiving effort of paper documents is enormous.

The electronic consignment note not only eliminates the need for laborious paper handling, it also saves time. Thanks to the e-CMR, transport companies can issue a corresponding invoice directly after the transport service has been rendered, thus significantly shortening the payment process.

Also, any other necessary action after a delivery, such as direct initiation of a complaint, invoicing or confirmation of delivery, can now be implemented in a much more time-effective and cost-saving manner.

The e-CMR also makes it much easier for companies to archive their logistics information easily and conveniently.

Digital consignment note e-CMR

The e-CMR is the digital version of the paper consignment note and contains information about the sender, pick-up location, consignee, delivery location, transported goods, reusable means of transport carried and all other transport information relevant in this context.

More transparency for everyone involved

Throughout the entire process, from the shipper to the carrier, all parties involved in the transport have access to the freight information at any time (origin and destination, date, which vehicle, etc.).

Save 800 kilograms of paper per year

Another aspect is the step towards "paperless logistics": With the e-CMR you also protect the environment.

A calculation example
If your company needs 100,000 consignment notes per year, that's 400,000 pages of paper per year. This means 400,000 x 0.002kg = 800 kg of paper can be saved. But it also means that you have to file, scan and / or archive 100,000 fewer pages.

What are you waiting for? Start now with the e-CMR in TISLOG!

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e-CMR – Digital consignment note in TISLOG

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As of now we offer the processing of the e-CMR in the TISLOG logistics software.
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