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Digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG

Digital pre-trip inspection with TISLOG - paperless and easy

Android App of the TIS GmbH for the digital pre-trip inspection for trucks

March 23, 2021

The digital pre-trip inspection in our TISLOG logistics software is a fully-fledged replacement for paper documentation and easy to use for drivers thanks to its intuitive guidance through the process. For complete documentation, the digital pre-trip inspection can then be archived as a PDF document including the driver's signature. Learn more about the processing of the digital departure control in TISLOG and some new features in more detail.

Requirements: Legal basis and consequences of non-compliance

Section 23 of the Road Traffic Act (StVO) determines that drivers are responsible for the pre-trip inspection. Paragraph 31 of the Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) adds the owner to this responsibility. This means that the driver is obliged to carry out the check and the vehicle owner must prove that he has commited his driver to execute the pre-trip check.
The pre-trip inspection must be set as working time on the speedometer. The recommended duration is 15 minutes. If this time is clearly undercut, at police checks the pre-trip inspection could be considered improperly carried out and result in consequences.
Waived pre-trip inspections can lead to penalties, especially in the event of an accident. The catalog of fines for §23 StVO determines a penalty fee between € 10 and € 120 and possibly a point in Flensburg.

Digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG

The pre-trip inspection in the TISLOG logistics software is available for various mobile devices. It can either appear as a separate item in the menu or be integrated into a workflow. In the workflow, for example, it could be set-up as a mandatory action before the tour starts. A tour start would therefore only be possible after the pre-trip inspection has been completed.

The easy steps through the digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG

Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Fahrzeugdaten

Vehicle data entry for the assignment of pre-trip inspection and vehicle.

Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Mängelerfassung

Walk through the menu with various checkpoints. There is a note/ info text for each point. All points are based on the requirements of BG Verkehr*. However, individual adjustments are possible as well.

*All notes are based on the DGUV principle 314-002, which is made available by the Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehrswirtschaft Post-Logistik Telekommunikation (BG Verkehr).

Digitale Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Fotoerfassung

During the pre-trip inspection, photos of defects can also be taken directly from the application.

Digitale Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Unterschrift

As soon as the driver has processed all points, an overview of the checklist including the specified defects is displayed.

Digitale Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Unterschrift

The driver must then determine whether the vehicle is ready to drive and confirm this condition, as well as the execution of the pre-trip inspection with his name and a signature in the application.

Digitale Abfahrtskontrolle in TISLOG | Abgeschlossen

Pre-trip inspection complete!

Further options for the digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG

The digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG can be configured individually for different requirements.
For example, the conditions under which the checkpoints are to be processed can be defined:

TISLOG Logistiksoftware Konfiguration

Simple detection with a check mark for perfect function or a cross for defects.
In addition, optional capture of photos and comments

TISLOG Logistiksoftware Konfiguration

Simple detection with a check mark for perfect function or a cross for defects
PLUS additional binding capturing of photos and/ or comments

Display of the digital pre-trip inspection in TISLOG office Infodesk

Infodesk is the web portal of the TISLOG logistics software for your employees in the head office. All pre-trip inspections are clearly displayed in the portal. In addition, filter options are available with which, for example, only the pre-trip inspections can be filtered out in which defects have been noted.

If images were also captured during the pre-trip inspection, these are available for display in Infodesk.

In addition, a report about each individual pre-trip inspection can be generated in the form of a PDF and then be downloaded, archived or printed out.

New features in the digital pre-trip inspection of the TISLOG software

The feedback from our customers is important to us as it enables us to further adapt our products and services to our client base's needs. Thanks to valuable suggestions from TISLOG customers, we were also recently able to expand the digital pre-trip inspection with two additional features.

1. Handover of defects until rectification

If a defect is entered for a vehicle, it will automatically be displayed again at the next departure check if it has not yet been remedied in the meantime. This means that a defect no longer has to be entered again at each inspection, but only once. Only after the defect has been rectified does it disappear from the list.

2. Extended workshop link-up

We now also offer an extended workshop link-up. This means that a mechanic from the partner workshop can log into the device himself under the item "Workshop registration" on the driver's device. As soon as he is logged in, he is shown a list of all defects in the vehicle. After the deficiencies have been repaired, the status "Resolved" can be assigned on the device.
In addition, the mechanic himself can record further defects on the device if more defects are noticed on the vehicle during his work that have not yet been recorded during the pre-trip inspection.
After the repair has been completed, the workshop employee logs off the device and hands it over to the driver so that he can log in again using his own login. The mechanic's report is then displayed in the driver's account and he has to confirm it.


The handover of defects is a free function that is automatically included in the latest version of our software.
The extended workshop link-up can be implemented for an additional fee, as this is an optional function that must be set up and configured specifically for the customer.

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Our Free App for Android and iOS!

A basic version of our digital pre-trip inspection is available as a free app in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store. With the app you can test the pre-trip inspection before you decide to use our TISLOG logistics software.

You can find more information about the free app on

Free webinar pre-trip inspection

You can find out more about the requirements for pre-trip inspection and the functionality of the digital pre-trip inspection in the TISLOG logistics software in our free webinar.

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