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De-minimis 2020

De-minimis: The funding period 2020 has started

DE-Minimis 2020

Bocholt, January 6, 2020

De-minimis is a funding program of the Federal Office for Freight Transport (BAG) for commercial vehicles in goods transport.
Various measures to optimize vehicle fleets with regard to safety and the environment are eligible. Investments in TELEMATICS systems can also be funded with up to 2,000 euros per commercial vehicle. This also includes efficiency-promoting measures such as telematics systems and software for displaying, evaluating, managing, and archiving the data from the digital tachograph - applications that TIS offers.

Formula for calculating the maximum funding amount:

Number of commercial vehicles * x funding rate per eligible vehicle** = maximum funding amount***

*Heavy commercial vehicles (zGg from 7.5 tons) with valid approval for your company on the qualifying date (= December 1st of last year).

**Subsidy rate per eligible vehicle = 2,000 euros

***A maximum of 33,000 euros/ year and 100,000 in three successive tax years

De-minimis funding covers a maximum of 80% of the total costs for eligible measures.
A maximum funding amount of EUR 33,000 per year (or EUR 100,000 in three successive tax years) is possible per company.

Calculation example:

You have 20 eligible vehicles.

For this year you want to buy new hardware and software for route planning and telematics. The software is used to increase efficiency and the hardware telematics is a driver assistance system.

Total software cost: 6,000 euros
De-minimis funding of 80% = 4,800 euros

Hardware costs per vehicle: 1,600 euros x 20 vehicles = 32,000 euros

De-minimis funding of 80% = 25,600 euros

The part of financing through de-minimis in this example is 4,800 euros + 25,600 euros = 30,400 euros.

Note: Rental or leasing vehicles for which you are not registered as the holder in the registration certificate part 1 will not be taken into account in the funding!

Applications are submitted electronically. According to the BAG, the completeness of the documents and the date of receipt of the application are decisive for processing. For a quick processing of the application, it should therefore be submitted promptly.
Evidence of the vehicle fleet must also be submitted with the application. Documents in electronic copy are accepted as proof.

New: You no longer have to specify the planned measures or the planned investments that you want to have funded as you had to before!

You must apply for funding before you order or receive an order confirmation!
A cost offer can also come from the last year, because you need it to determine the amount for your application.
You are on the safe side if you only initiate the order after you have received the notification of the granted funding.

Applications can be submitted from January 7th, 2020. The application period ends on September 30th, 2020.
The date of application is always the day on which all the necessary documents have been received in full!

Do you have any questions about the funding? Our sales experts will be happy to advise you.

Our sales team will gladly advise you!

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