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Press Releases 2021

Pressemitteilung TIS GmbH - Papierlose Logistikprozesse Camion

TIS Press Release November 2021

Paperless logistics processes

Camion Transport AG from Switzerland simplifies its dispatch in the short- and long-distance traffic with the help of the telematics solution TISLOG and saves around 24 tons of paper every year.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Emons Spedition | TIS GmbH

TIS Press Release September 2021

Device replacement at Emons Spedition

Emons Spedition replaced around 1,500 mobile computers for warehouse and driving personnel, along with the relevant telematics software, within the space of only four months. Honeywell’s CT60 XPI, a standard device covering both areas, is being used for the first time. TIS GmbH is the supplier of the devices.

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Gebrüder Weiss Dispositionslösung | TIS GmbH

TIS Press Release June 2021

Gebrüder Weiss relies on a new tour planning tool in local transport

The international transport and logistics company Gebrüder Weiss is optimizing its land transport processes with a new type of dispatching solution. The software integrates the graphic tour planning into the TISLOG telematics system used by Gebrüder Weiss, which has been specially adjusted for this purpose.

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Telematik Anwenderbericht Gustke | TIS GmbH

TIS Press Release June 2021

Constantly changing

With TISLOG, the Heinrich Gustke forwarding company uses one single telematics system for all cargo and general cargo transport, which enables gapless digital work.

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Titelbild_Hardwareaustausch Gebrüder Weiss | TIS GmbH

TIS Press Release June 2021

Gebrüder Weiss: TIS delivers 3,500 mobile data terminals

The replacement of 2,100 mobile scanners for delivery and 1,400 devices for warehouse handling is planned by the end of 2021. The mobile device management TISLOG MDM enables central and efficient organization.

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Fritz Gruppe setzt künftig auf TIS | TIS GmbH

TIS Press Release April 2021

TISLOG at Fritz GmbH & Co. KG – Fritz Group relies on TIS GmbH

The Fritz Group switches to TIS GmbH and introduces TISLOG as a solution for dispatching and order management in local transport.

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