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Press Releases 2014

Ladeflächendokumentation: TIS GmbH dokumentiert die Auslastung

TIS Press Release December 2014

LogiMAT / Telematik: TIS documenting load space utilization

TIS GmbH, specializing in mobile telematics solutions, together with the TRANSDATA Soft- und Hardware GmbH shows a solution for the efficient documentation of load spaces, damages and oversized shipments at the logistics trade show LogiMAT (February, 10-12,2015) in Stuttgart.

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TIS Tower - Firmensitz der TIS GmbH in Bocholt

TIS Press Release September 2014

TIS hosting 3rd Innovation Forum in Bocholt

On October 16 the TIS GmbH invites to attend the third Innovation Forum Telematics in Bocholt. The one-day event especially designed for the logistics industry provides an outlook on future hardware and software.

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TIS GmbH richtet platzsparende Aufbewahrungslösung für mobile Computer ein

TIS Press Release August 2014

Order in Orange

John Forwarding saves space and energy with a compact and secure storage solution for their warehouse scanners. Supplier of the cabinets is the TIS GmbH, who also provided the mobile data terminals.

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TIS GmbH unterstützt Verladerverband BWVL

TIS Press Release July 2014

Association work – TIS supports shippers association BWVL

As the first telematics provider TIS GmbH now supports the work of the registered Federation Association for Economy Traffic and Logistics (BWVL). This means that TIS has now joined the circle of the twelve official sponsoring members of the association, which includes companies like KRAVAG or GoodYear Dunlop.

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Verbesserte Schadensdokumentation mit PSV3

TIS Press Release May 2014

Hall scanning – TIS expands the photo feature

The TIS GmbH again has made handling safer and easier by enhancing the photo function integrated in the mobile telematics solution PSV3 IL, a software designed for hall scanning.

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Telematik / Tacho Remote Download: KLIF liest fern

TIS Press Release February 2014

Telematics / Tacho Remote Download: KLIF reads from a distance

The TIS GmbH has developed a solution for the remotely controlled and automated recording, transmission and archiving of data from the digital tachograph with mobile data terminals (MDT) which suits for all tachographs from version 1.3.

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