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News 2022

Automations in TISLOG | TIS GmbH

Automations in TISLOG

To make the working day easier for the truck drivers, the TISLOG system offers different automations. Get more information now.

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TISLOG Autodispo für die Logistik

TISLOG Autodispo

The TISLOG Autodispo standardizes the operating schedules and increases the efficiency of employees and fleet in forwarding agents.

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InnoMATIK 2022

The InnoMATIK in-house fair of TIS GmbH takes place on September 21, 2022. Look forward to interesting speeches and an exhibition.

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TISLOG telephone app | Logistics software

Telephone app in TISLOG

In the course of our TISLOG logistics software we developed an own telephone app which brings different advantages over normal telephone applications which are pre-installed on the mobile phone.

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